ICC | IIT Indore

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What kind of complaints come into ICC?
Mainly complaints related to sexual harassment or sexual abuse come to ICC.

Q.2. Who can lodge a complaint to or contact ICC?
Any women/female (student, faculty, staff member of any office or library including contractual, casual and temporary, women in Outhouses) of IIT Indore Campus or visiting the Campus can contact ICC for help.

Q.3. How should I contact and whom should I contact?
E-mail to or send e-mail to any members of ICC. You can write to DSOW/student representative to DOSW.

Q.4. I have fear that on contacting ICC, my name will be public. What should I do?
The name of the complainant will be kept CONFIDENTIAL during and after process.

Q.5. I am dealing with some sensitivity related issue and it does not come into sexual harassment. Can I still contact ICC for help?
You can always contact ICC for help. We can advise/suggest you the most possible way to get help.

Q.6. I am a victim of sexual abuse. When should I contact ICC?
If you faced any kind of harassment, you should complain within 3 months of the incident.

Q.7. How much time would ICC take, to take any type of action?
After receiving complaint in writing, we will act immediately.

Q.8. I do not know the person who misbehaved with me. What should I do in that case?
It is necessary to know the identity of the accused person for any type of action. You can produce any proof for identifying the accused, for example: if a person is harassing you via sending vulgar pictures and texts from random ids, you should have the screen shots of the chats and discussion. All efforts will be made to identify the culprit.